Ahmed Firoze

Ahmed Firoze

Ahmed Firoze : Poet, Story writer & Researcher

Bengali name: আহমেদ ফিরোজ

He was born on 1st January 1976 at Natore. He has passed his adolescence at Pabna. His father’s name is Mohbub-ul-Alam and mothers name is Farida Begum Babi.

After completing his Honors’ and MA degrees in Bangla language and literature, he has devoted himself to researches in Language, literature and the War of Liberation. He started his writing career with poetry. Now he is going on writing songs, stories, poems, essays, screenplays, columns and so on.

He also writes against the two deadly forces of contemporary life namely politics and priests.

Edited Magazines

Bibikto (A little magazine, first print: February 2003); Book Review (Criticism and research papers, little magazine, first print: January 2003).

Published Books

Book of Verse (Poems): Ka Fonta Joler Taney (Fascinated by Some Drops of Water, 2005); Kathmanusher Kalamabirvab (A pen in the Hand of a Dreamless Man, 2008).

Short Story: The Light of Dead Night (2005).

Novel: Prem Rog Bilash (The Luxury of Falling in Love, 2010).

Research & Article: Shunnodarshon (Beginning Philosophy, 2005); Sab Kishu Vengey Porey (Things Fall Apart, 2005); Shunnodarshon (Beginning Philosophy, 2nd edition, 2011).

Research: Na-Galpa Na-Kobita (Neither Prose Nor Poetry, 2006).

Biography: Jasimuddin (2009); Suhrawardy (Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, 2009); Saratchandra Chattopadhyay (2013).

Edited Books: Bangla Bhasher Nirbachito 100 Chara (One Hundred Selected Rhymes of Bangla Literature, 2010); Shreshtho Kobita Abul Hasan (The Best Poems by Abul Hasan, 2013); Bangladesher Nirbachito 101 Chara (One Hundred One Selected Rhymes of Bangladesh, 2015).

Edited Books about Libaration War: Shadhinotar Ghoshok, Songbidhan Ebog Bongobondhu (The Announcer of Freedom, Constitution and Bongobondhu; 2009); 15 August Marmantudh Mrittuchinta (Heart Tormenting Thoughts on Death on 15 August, 2010); Firey Dekha 15 August (15th August in Retrospect, 2011); Banglar Obishongbadito Mohanayak (Unchallenged Hero of Bangla, 2011); 15 Auguster Shokgatha (Elegies for 15 August, 2012); Bijoyer 40 Bochor (Forty Years of Victory, 2012); 71 Shek Mujib Bangladesh (71, Shek Mujib and Bangladesh, 2012);  Bongobondhu o Shadhinatar 40 Bochor (Bongobondhu and Forty Years of Freedom, 2012); Muktijuddho Ekattor (The War of Liberation, Seventy One, 2013).

Short Film Direction

1. The Devourer of Dreams; 2. The Mutilation; 3. The lost revolution.


Amra Bayanna


ahmed_firoze@yahoo.com; ahmed.firoze1976@gmail.com



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